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Advanced engineering services


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Cerebral Forge Ltd provides advanced engineering services for companies from the automotive sector and other technical industries. We address all expectations by designing tools for system-level analysis, simulation, development and testing of real-time control systems. Check out our offer for enterprises and academia.

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Note from the Founder

Creating innovative products and functionalities seems to have never been easier. But in fact, it became a much greater challenge than ever before.

Making all the components work together becomes increasingly difficult and the components’ con-tent depends on ever-changing requirements and tightening regulations.

My company wants to help you out improve the competition by delivering more innovative, better-integrated products, in record-breaking time scales.

Expert solutions

We focus our services on modeling and controls for complex dynamic systems, system-level optimisation and physics-based modeling. This includes, but is not limited to electric and hybrid powertrains, power generation, renewables. We do rapid development with the highest agility in embedded software projects through proven techniques that include MIL/SIL/HIL in continuous improvement loops.

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Currently, the automobile industry is in the middle of a massive shift, where each of the four megatrends would change its landscape forever. These are Electrification, Autonomous driving, Connectivity and Shared Mobility.
Agile innovation is key in securing the future of your company in either of those areas. Our company is ready to support you on this path in a way that best fits your needs.

We supply advanced engineering services for automotive and other technically demanding industries.